3D Magazine Cover | Incubus in 3D, 3D UFO Light Painting, 3D Pictures

Stereo-Man 3D Magazine is now available free, streaming on Zine3D.com

Issue one features legendary rock band Incubus concert photography in 3D, Alien UFO Light Painting in 3D and beautiful 3D pictures by Abe Perlstein.

Presented in anaglyph 3D (the most common form of online s3D viewing), each page is designed to feel like a printed magazine. Here is where we are different than other 3D magazines. We don’t believe in print. It’s dated and wasteful. As the world continues to evolve with devices like the iPad, we will publish digitally¬†on any browser (PC or Mac), we see no reason to produce a printed magazine. Print is dead. They just won’t tell you that because a lot of careers are harbored around the idea of the printing industry. It’s time to step away from this old way of thinking. Zine3D bridges the gap by providing a magazine-style digital publication optimized for 3D devices with 3D glasses (red/cyan lenses).

While we won’t claim to be the first 3D magazine ever, we do think we are one of the most visually engaging 3D magazines.

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